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What to do when the shit hits the fan!

There’s a lot of shit hitting the fan at the moment! Are you getting hit? 

If you’re not being hit by the shit, then you may know someone in your life who’s getting their fair share of the dose.

This is not to be sniffed at (sorry if you’re visual), because this mess is actually vital to enable us to move to the next level of our evolution. In simple terms, we’re all having to clear up our own personal mess to enable us to collectively move forward into a less chaotic, brighter future. 

I wish life was always sunshine and light, but unfortunately because we’re living in a world where the natural law is polarity, we’ll experience both ends of the spectrum of everything. 

However within life’s polarities, there’s a lot of in-between and our experience of life can be a wonderful kaleidoscope of variety within the extreme polarities. But when we get stuck in one or the other end of the polarity, we’ll be pushed to rebalance ourselves. Our inner pendulum wants to start swinging the other way again, and once we become unstuck, the momentum is sometimes quite intense and we find ourselves in chaos and disorder, until the balance is restored and we become harmonious again. 

We only have to look at the natural world to see the law of polarity playing out. We have night and day, winter and summer, birth and death. But whenever nature is imbalanced, mainly because of the introduction of pollutants, toxins, over-population, invasive species, exploitation of natural resources etc, then nature seeks to restore and balance itself with earthquakes, cyclones, floods, fires, pandemics etc. 

So when we recognise the same law playing out in our personal lives, when our life becomes toxic (mentally, emotionally or physically), we have to clear up the toxic mess so that balance can be restored again. This also applies to the polarity of 'doing' and 'being', 'giving' and 'receiving', because if we're doing too much or too little of either, we'll no doubt receive a nudge in the form of a personal crisis or upheaval which will push us back into balance again.

There’s another important factor involved with the earth's natural balance, and that is the Schumann Resonance. 

OK, so here’s a bit of a nerd fact!

The earth pulsates with a natural frequency of 7.83 Hz. - called the Schumann Resonance -  which vibrates in harmony with our human brainwave frequencies. Astonishingly, the Schumann Resonance of the earth recently increased to an astounding 120 Hz, and is continuing to increase its spikes year by year. 

This is because the earth is evolving and expanding.

The Schumann Resonance has a direct impact on our brainwaves, and our brainwaves are constantly trying to match the alpha/theta state of the Schumann frequency. And when it’s not a harmonious match, discord is inevitable. 

And because the vibratory rate of the planet is continuing to rise, if we don’t evolve and expand by raising our vibrational frequencies too, chaos emerges.

So the big question is; how do we know if our personal vibration is at a Schumann match? And if it's not, how do we raise it?

You’ll know if you’re matching the earth's frequencies because you’ll just feel good! You’ll be healthy, feel peaceful, relaxed and balanced. You might even witness an extraordinary shift in your state of consciousness, heightened awareness, expanded perception, and you may even get a glimpse into other dimensions. However, if you carry around unresolved hurt, pain and ongoing personal issues, then it will keep your vibratory rate low, which isn’t a Schumann match.

Scientists have now discovered that music that's played at the frequency of 528 HZ (which is the frequency of love) cures anxiety, depression and even serious diseases. It's now called the ‘Miracle’ tone.

So to become happy and healthy, all we need to do is raise our own vibration. We do this by practicing being grateful, compassionate, kind, forgiving, accepting and loving regardless of what’s happening to us and around us. 

But as you know, this is easier said than done! 

Consciously keeping our vibrational frequency high is almost impossible when we’re holding onto judgement, resentment, fear and pain from the past, where things randomly trigger us. Not only that, but we’re also probably carrying the weight of our ancestral dark past too. We don’t even know that we’re carrying the load from the past generation, because it’s hiding in our DNA, playing out in our day to day dramas which we consider to be ‘normal’. 

However, here’s the good news. 

Your emotional baggage will be cleared if you’re committed to clearing it. And your frequency will be higher if you're committed to raising it. 

When you consciously practice choosing how you think and feel, it will rewire your triggers. When you get triggered into feeling angry, annoyed, fearful or resentful, you can nip it in the bud by focussing your attention on lighter, brighter, more loving thoughts. If you practice this enough, it'll become a new unconscious habit that you won't have to work at anymore. Peace and harmony will be your new normal.

You'll notice when you’re operating in a low frequency because you’ll stay triggered, so it’s up to you whether you stay stuck in the feeling, or get yourself back on track by generating good feelings. 

So my message for you this month is to remind you that although there appears to be a lot of chaos in the world and/or in your personal life, know it’s life seeking balance. 

And it WILL.

Because when your personal life gets tough, or your health starts to slide, you know that you have the tools to navigate yourself back into balance. 

When you feel out of balance and life challenges you, trust your wisdom that knows how to rise above it. Your inner knowing will recognise there’s a bigger picture at play, that there’s a reason why this has happened, and so you surrender to it, release the bad feeling or belief attached to it, and then you will rise above it. * 

And the more you resolve and clean up your mess (your judgements, health issues, relationship dramas, financial discrepancies etc) the lighter you will become. 

And the more light you become, the less shadow you'll have. And the less shadow you have, the more you come into peace, happiness and harmony. Your light then becomes a beacon, a shining light for others to clearly see their own mess from the other side of their spectrum.

And once we have all cleaned up our mess and we're shining our collective light, global balance will be restored and finally we’ll all live in a world of peace and harmony. 


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