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The MindBody Magic Bootcamp


Are you ready to live a life you have always dreamed of?

What if I told you that NOW is the PERFECT time for you to clear old patterns, set new goals, and redesign your life to something that will suit you OH SO MUCH BETTER!

It's time to face the stuff that needs rearranging, healing, and redesigning in order for you to live your life to the fullest potential.

Now is the time to learn how powerful you are and how to create the life of your dreams!

On the MindBody Magic Bootcamp, you will learn 7 life-changing lessons on how to use the MAGIC of your MindBody Connection to transform your life. 

You will be taken on a personal journey like no other which will give you life-changing results.


Lesson 1: Understand how your mind has created your life so far

Lesson 2: Unlock and rewire the hidden beliefs that are holding you back

Lesson 3: Learn how to use your mind to heal your body

Lesson 4: Detox your mind and release fears, stress, and negative thoughts

Lesson 5: Learn how to use your body’s unique energy system

Lesson 6: Harness your MindBody Magic to attract more love

Lesson 7: Step into your power and manifest your dreams

Jakkie will guide you every step of the way throughout this course.

For the past 20 years she has helped to heal, empower and transform people's lives through the wisdom of the MindBody Connection.



The best course I have ever done and the most useful for providing me with the tools needed to live a full and happy life. Really enjoyable too!

This course gives fantastic teachings on how we can be happy and believe in ourselves, enabling us to reach our full potential. Jakkie leads you through a journey of discovery and fulfillment. She uses extraordinary techniques that simply must be experienced for mind and body. The course completely changed my life!


What you Get When You Enroll

7 powerful lessons that will Change your mind, Heal your body and Transform your life.

The 7 lessons in the MindBody Magic Bootcamp are a combination of reading, writing, watching videos and listening to audios. There are also lots of hands-on exercises for you to do, all designed to help you to tap into your personal MindBody Magic and create a life you love.