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Transform your Pain into your Power

Are you tired of having physical or emotional pain?


Are you ready to discover the hidden messages in your body, to find your unique key to your healing?  

What is your body
trying to tell you?

Through the MindBody Connection, your body is using pain and discomfort to get your attention.​


 If you have recurring emotional or physical pain, repeating health issues or patterns of struggle, this is a message from your subconscious that something in your past needs addressing.​ 


Once you understand what your body is trying to tell you and why you keep repeating pain patterns, you will find the unique key to your healing. You will then gain control over your health, your struggles and feel empowered to create a new path forward.


How Can You Find Freedom From Pain?

Judy suffered from chronic back pain for over 3 years and she felt stuck and disempowered in her life. She'd seen numerous specialists and every kind of practitioner and therapist, with no answers and no lasting results. She was sick of being told to just accept her life and live on painkillers. 

When she read the book 'What is Your Pain Trying to Tell You', she started to understand why her body was in so much pain. She then took the next step and had a 1:1 Transformation session to get some quick results. 

Right away we discovered the underlying cause of her pain and the vital key to her unique healing. She was then able to make those simple shifts which resulted in powerful results.

She now lives pain-free, living a passionate life doing what she loves. 

Read The Book

This revolutionary book will help you transform your pain into your power!

If you have repeating patterns of emotional or physical pain and nothing you have tried so far has helped resolve it, then look no further, this is the book for you!

In this book you will discover the power of your MindBody connection and what your body is subconsciously trying to communicate to you. You'll learn how to uncover your pain patterns and learn tools to help reprogram your mind and body so you can live a life free from pain and struggle.

Pain into Power will give you a deeper understanding of your pain, will help you gain control of your health, and will empower you to create a new path forward.

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Your MindBody Transformation

In this 1:1 session with Jakkie, you'll uncover why you are experiencing physical or emotional pain. You'll discover your unique healing pathway to release your pain and struggles, to create a life you love.

Your MindBody Magic Online Bootcamp

On the MindBody Magic Online BOOTCAMP, you will learn 7 life-changing lessons on how to use the magic of your MindBody Connection to change your mind, heal your body and transform your life.

You will also learn how to use your MindBody magic to create your dreams! You will be taken on a personal journey like no other which will give you life changing results.

The MindBody Magic BOOTCAMP is not a quick fix, it isn’t something you’ll get temporary benefit from, the BOOTCAMP has been specifically designed for lasting results.


Not only that, but once you sign up for this course, you will have a lifetime access to it and ongoing membership, so you will have invaluable ongoing support, tools and inspirations for as long as you want them.


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Client Stories

Each client that comes to see me has a different story and requires a slightly different healing path. However in each case there is always one main key to their healing, which unlocks healing in every other area of their life.

Each one of us holds a healing key ready to be unlocked. What is yours?


Read some of the stories below to find your own inspiration for healing your pain.

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Tammy's Story

Tammy had been suffering for years from various health issues, which included arthritis, lower back pain, and an under-active thyroid. She felt helpless because nobody seemed to be able to help her pain and struggles.


When she read the book 'MindBody Journey', she started to understand why her body was in pain and the underlying causes. She decided to take it further and had a 1:1 session to get some quick results. First I asked how she wanted to feel after our session together. She said, ‘To feel free in my body and to feel LOVED’. For her to get to her desired place, firstly we needed to find out WHAT was preventing her from freedom in her body and WHY she didn’t feel loved.


After a few questions we found her key. We discovered she was holding onto a lot of unexpressed anger, frustration and disappointment which stemmed from when her dad left when she was 4 years old. Her subconscious belief was that she was unlovable and undeserving, so she found herself in unloving relationships that mirrored her belief. She also overcompensated in her friendships by overgiving and supporting everyone, because her subconscious knew that by doing this, she’d get the love and approval she craved back.


We uncovered her destructive subconscious beliefs and bought them to the conscious, and this is when the reprogramming could then begin. We activated a new belief in Tammy's conscious mind from feeling unlovable to feeling loved. We also worked on releasing the trapped trauma in her body so that new, healthy energy could flow. From just a few sessions, Tammy was able to speak up and get her needs met and she no longer holds resentment towards her dad for leaving. Her health conditions continue to improve, her back pain has gone and she has finally met the love of her life.


Jed's Story

Jed came to me because he hoped I could help him uncover the reason behind his chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. On the outside he appeared to be happy and successful. He was a young good looking man, did weight training, owned a thriving business, had a lovely girlfriend, yet he struggled every day with his conditions. I asked him how he felt in this moment, he said angry. He was angry at himself for not being good enough.


Despite all he had created in his life, he didn’t believe it was enough. ‘There’s no point behind anything’ he said. I asked him why he felt this, he said ‘Because nothing will ever be good enough, despite how much I try’. I asked him who was judging this? There was no-one setting these impossible standards and judging him except him. I asked him if he ever felt like this before? He then told me that as a child he had learning disabilities and because of this they put him in a special class at school, which he hated. He hated the thought of being inferior to the other kids and judged by them for not being good enough. He hated who he was. Once he left school he reinvented himself, to be someone he could like. This is how he got to having the life he did now.


The key was that he unconsciously believed he was not good enough, so he kept trying to prove that he was. But as soon as he achieved a goal, he believed it was still not good enough, so the cycle kept repeating. He was exhausted. He told me he didn’t even like his sales business he’d created, it wasn’t his passion. He only did it because it seemed like the only thing he was any good at, so he kept pushing himself to be better and better and better. He was fearful that if he lost his business, his fit body, his girlfriend, then he’d have nothing, which would prove he’s not good enough. It was time his pattern of not feeling good enough stopped.


We worked on reprogramming the subconscious part of himself that believed he wasn’t good enough, to a place where he felt that all he was and all he had achieved so far was BRILLIANTLY ENOUGH. Then we worked on him being true to himself. What was his true passions. What did he really love? What bought him joy? We made a plan for him to bring his passions and all he loved into his life. The third stage was for him to trust himself and his path, so that he wouldn’t slip back into the old patterns. Finally Jed learnt to love himself for all that he was and all that he wasn’t. He finally knew deep in his heart that he was good enough, no matter what. Needless to say his chronic fatigue went, he got his mojo back and his anxiety was no longer an issue.


He was finally at peace.

woman-570883_1920 copy.jpg

Kerry's Story

Kerry had Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which is an inflammatory disorder causing muscle pain and stiffness around the shoulders and hips. She came to me as a last resort as she’d tried everything to get better, but with no success. She used to be an active woman within the community, always loved to help people and felt frustrated that she could no longer do this. I asked her how her condition felt. She said, ‘debilitating, intense, depressing. I feel useless. I feel like my life has been taken away from me.’ Then she told me the story of her past.


The key to finding the root cause of any condition is usually hidden in stories. I don’t often have to probe too much because when someone is ready to truly heal, their emotional stories are always just under the surface waiting for the right opportunity to be heard. Her dad died when she was a child, leaving 5 siblings and a widowed mum behind. Because there were 6 children to be looked after and only by one person, getting love and attention was sparse. Kerry was jealous of her siblings for getting love and attention when she clearly didn’t. She felt the black sheep of the family and felt rejected and resentful towards her mum.


I realised there was deep healing that needed to happen between her mum and herself before we could move forward. Sometimes this doesn’t work, to confront a person whom resentments are held towards, because if the other person is not ready to heal, then they will get defensive and angry. So I often recommend writing a letter of forgiveness instead, which isn’t sent. This is usually enough to release them from the past. However I got a sense that a healing between mother and daughter was needed to help heal them both.


Before the second session, Kerry bravely confronted her mum telling her how hurt she had felt over the years, that she didn’t feel loved or valued by her. This opened up an authentic conversation between them both. Her mum shared an astounding truth, even though she was reluctant to admit it, but she said that Kerry was the only child out of 5 other children that looked like her late husband, and her mum admitted that she used to block Kerry out of her life because she didn’t want to be reminded of the man that left her behind. This was the revelation Kerry needed. She was CRAVING attention and love which she never received.


Her body was CRAVING attention and love. This was her theme. This was her key.


When we asked her body why it had Polymyalgia Rheumatica, the lightbulb moment came. Immediately she said, ‘My body is creating this condition to prevent me from helping others, because my body is jealous and craves my attention’. She then admitted she hadn’t given her body what it needs for a long time. She didn’t give her body the love and attention it clearly craved. She was neglecting her body just the same as her mum neglected her as a child. So we set about putting a plan into place so that her body felt loved. She started to eat enriching, nurturing foods, she took regular exercise, she did things to please herself rather than to always please others. She rediscovered hobbies she forgot she liked. She gave herself what she craved. She started to like who she was again.


6 months later her Polymyalgia Rheumatica left her and never came back. She now feels like she has her life back, and even better than it was before.

Newcastle Australia

Ben's Story

Ben is an accomplished squash player who came to me for a sports remedial massage treatment, to help him with a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder.


Because I am always tuned into the MindBody connection, I  instinctively asked Ben why he thought he had had this injury, as I worked on his shoulder.

He looked at me blankly and gave me a very rational, matter-of-fact answer, ‘because I tore it playing squash’. So I tried another tack, I asked him what shoulders represented to him. He immediately replied, ‘burdens’. I asked him if he felt at all burdened. He went silent, then eventually said, ‘I suppose I feel like I’m shouldering the burden of a secret I was told a long time ago’. I encouraged him to go on. He said that he hadn’t told anyone about this and felt so burdened with the responsibility of the knowledge of it.

Ben went on to tell me that when his father was on his death bed, he asked Ben to promise to look after his step brother who was then in his late teens. He promised he would, however Ben never really got on with his stepbrother and found it hard to fulfil this promise once his father passed away. I noted to myself that this ‘masculine’ burden had shown up in the right side of Ben’s body, as is often the case.

Since then he felt ashamed and guilty. I asked him if he ever takes this feeling of shame and guilt into his squash tournaments. He said, ‘All the time and it affects me so much. There isn’t a day that passes when I don’t think about it as I feel like I’ve let my father down’.


Letting go of his guilt and shame was the key. to his healing.


After the treatment I suggested that he made peace with this burden, to either forgive himself for not fulfilling his promise, or to fulfil the promise.

A few months later, Ben came to see me again and told me that he had contacted his stepbrother and ended up telling him everything, about the promise, about his guilt around not keeping the promise and that he was sorry. His stepbrother was so touched by his honesty that they are now in regular contact. Ben said he felt so different now, so free and untroubled.

He was also pleased that his shoulder was so much better, his squash game was back to its usual standard and he had won his last three tournaments!

Client Testimonials


" Jakkie is THE MindBody Connection Guru! I learned so much and now feel so incredibly empowered.
The MindBody Journey was such an amazing, life-changing course for me."

Helen Whittaker

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