Do You Wonder...

Why You're In Pain?

Are you sick and tired of having pain?

Are you ready to discover the real cause of your suffering?


What Can You Do About Your Pain?

Through the MindBody CONNECTION, your body is using pain to get your attention.

Did you know that your body is always communicating with you? 

You can simply begin to understand what your body has to say.

Once you understand the message from your body, you will gain control over your pain and your life.


How Can You Find Freedom From Pain?

Judy suffered from chronic back pain and for 3 years she had been to see specialists and every kind of practitioner and therapist without much results. She was sick of being told it was all in her head and that she needed to just live with taking pain killers for her life. 

When she read the 'MindBody Journey' Book she started to understand why her body was in pain then she decided to take it further and have a 1:1 session to really get some quick results. 

Right away we discovered that her body was trying to tell her to stop bending over backwards for other people and to develop strong boundaries with the people she loves. 

After 3 sessions she now lives a pain free life and loves to serve her community from an empowered place. 


Read The Book

Jakkie's second book in the series. Take the journey through discovering what your body has to say about your pain.

This is a journey not to miss!

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Mind & Body Transformation 1:1 Session

In this 1:1 session with Jakkie, you'll take a deep dive into exactly what your body is telling you about your physical or emotional pain and discover what your body needs in order for you to release that pain and find freedom.


The MindBody Magic Bootcamp

On the MindBody Magic Online BOOTCAMP, you will learn 7 life-changing lessons on how to use the magic of your MindBody Connection to change your mind, heal your body and transform your life.

You will also learn how to use your MindBody magic to create your dreams! You will be taken on a personal journey like no other which will give you life changing results.

The MindBody Magic BOOTCAMP is not a quick fix, it isn’t something you’ll get temporary benefit from, the BOOTCAMP has been specifically designed for lasting results.

Not only that, but once you sign up for this course, you will have a lifetime access to it and ongoing membership, so you will have invaluable ongoing support, tools and inspirations for as long as you want them.


" Jakkie is THE MindBody Connection Guru! I learned so much and now feel so incredibly empowered.

This was such an amazing, life changing course for me."

Helen whitaker

Love Your Life Workshop
12 Feb, 9:30 pm – 13 Feb, 4:00 pm
Agnes Water,
Agnes Water QLD 4677, Australia