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Letting Go

Letting go of a habit, or something/someone you’ve had in your life for a long time, can be extremely hard. It takes true courage and strength to let go of something you know isn’t right for you anymore, or to something that has died a natural death, but when you let go, with love, it’s truly liberating.

If you don’t surrender to change, you might become stuck, or sick. You will probably live with regrets and feel unfulfilled, and you certainly won’t reach your full potential.

Nothing new can form until the old has been released. And once the old has been released, a pause, a stillness, a reset happens before the new emerges.

Because this is the cyclical law of creation:

1. Nothingness. 2. A seed is formed (an idea or desire) 3. The seed grows and flourishes (ideas into action) 4. The bloom peaks (the creation has reached its potential) 5. Deterioration (letting go) 6. Back to nothingness (stillness and resetting) 7. A seed is formed (a slightly different, more refined version of the previous creation)

And because we are not separate from nature, in fact we ARE nature, then this law applies to us too. You might only go through one creation cycle in your lifetime, or you might go through hundreds.

Each time a new creation is born, a better version of itself is formed, this is why evolution is such a perfect design, nothing gets worse, only better. Even though sometimes it doesn't appear to, we still need to trust and believe that things do evolve and refine. We also need to trust and believe this about ourselves, because parts of us are dying and rebirthing everyday, new versions of ourselves are constantly emerging.

If we resist change, cling to the old, or refuse the stillness before the new emerges, life becomes a struggle or a crisis forces us to comply with the natural law of creation.

We’re constantly in the process of letting go, whether we are aware of it or not. We let go of our breath in every moment. We let go of our consciousness as we fall asleep every night. We let go every time we do a wee or a poo (sorry but we do!!)

So why are other things so hard for us to let go of? Why do we hold on and resist the natural flow of life moving through us? Why do we hoard, dig our heels in, force something that isn't right, or stay in unhappiness rather than face changes to enable us to have what’s best for us and others?

The answer is fear. Our ego will do everything in its power to overrule our true path. We’ve forgotten to trust our natural flow, and we ignore the laws of creation because our ego would rather have it another way. Our ego is fuelled by fear. When we understand our fears, then letting go becomes much easier. And once we can accept an ending and say goodbye with love, we become free.

Personally, I’ve just gone through a major letting go process! I’ve wrapped up my local business, left my partner in our shared home in Queensland, and flown to the UK to care for my aged mum.

The day after I landed in the UK (after a 48 hour journey), my foot developed a massive abscess. I then spent my second day in A&E having it cut out! I was NOT expecting that! I now can’t walk except on crutches, putting my reunion with family and friends on hold (first time in four and a half years). So frustrating!! At first I was very resistant to my condition, ‘Why ME?? What have I done to deserve this?’

Now that I’ve had time to reflect (sitting on my backside where I have no choice but to be still), I realise I wasn’t following the natural laws. I’ve been actively doing, doing, doing for a long time now; planning, sorting and creating, then going through the process of saying goodbye and letting go (2,3,4,5 on the creation list). I now realise I wasn’t allowing 6. Yet 6 is the vital and necessary stage to enable 7. I was extremely exhausted, yet I kept going. Even through my illness with Covid, I wasn’t resting. I was resisting going through 6 and in a hurry to get straight to 7.

Now I get it. So I am resting, resetting and looking forward to the time when I can emerge renewed.

So my message to you this month is to remind you to let go, then be STILL and allow yourself to REST and RESET. If you don’t let go and become still to reset, the newer, better version of yourself and your life can’t fully emerge.

So where do you believe you’re holding on? Where are you resisting change? Are you forcing something that clearly isn’t right? If you have let go of something, are you surrendering into stillness? Are you resting, resetting, preparing to burst into new life?

Once you align yourself with the natural laws, and allow your life to happen at its natural rhythm, then you will experience ease and grace. Wherever you are in your creation process, allow it all to unfold in its natural flow. Trust you are being moved by something deep within you that KNOWS. Surrender into the stillness when nothing much seems to be happening, because in this quiet space, you are preparing your life, and yourself, to fully bloom! 🌸

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