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Freedom From Your Fears

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is one of the most important messages I've written for a while, so keep reading! 2 weeks ago, my very full diary was wiped clear of any work, commitments and engagements because I was tested positive for COVID. Nothing unusual about that I know, as a lot of us have either had it or are recovering from it. However, it hit me hard, I was surprised, because I naively assumed I was immune from disease and illness!! But now I know why I was so sick. I haven’t been listening to my body for a long time, over working and putting other peoples needs before my own. Our body ALWAYS tells us when something is out of balance in our lives and it cleverly creates a solution for us to rebalance it, in my case it was COVID. I had to STOP and spend time with ME. Once I was over the worst of my symptoms, I did the one thing I love to do the most, to BE in nature. When I’m still in nature I get big downloads of wisdom plonk into my consciousness. I believe these messages are not just for me personally, but for me to share. So this is a message for you that was very clearly delivered to me.

“STOP feeling FEAR”. Because fear keeps you stuck in a pattern of pain.

Our nervous systems are still programmed to feel fear, and to respond with freeze, fight and flight. This has been great at keeping us safe so far, but things need to change, because we are evolving out of this old operating system. The freeze fight and flight response is an outdated model which is not serving us, in fact it is killing us. By constantly feeling fear and stress fires off chemicals in our brain, releasing hormones into our blood, which over time depletes our immune system. Not only is this keeping humanity sick, but it is also making us very unhappy. For us to collectively evolve out of this stuck pattern of fear; freeze fight and flight, we must all take responsibility to practice responding differently to life. Especially when the external world is looking pretty terrifying. We don’t even realise we are responding in this way because feeling stress and fear has become our normal. We're constantly fed fear on TV and social media. It’s time to WAKE UP to how we live life and how we respond to life. OK, so I know the world is a scary place to live right now, but only if we allow it. Fear is in fact a projection of our own consciousness, even though we believe it’s something outside of us that is creating our fear, our response to fear is still triggering something inside of us that needs to be healed and transformed. Our trigger to fear keeps us stuck in a fear based reality. Fear produces and fuels more fear, which feeds the collective fear. It is our duty as an individual to break down the old paradigm structures that support fear and control. It’s time to be in charge of our responses and reactions, because if we keep responding to outside influences in fear, we will be kept in this loop of triggers and reactions. As humans we are so privileged to have choice and free will. Therefore we must honour this by choosing how we react. We might not always agree or like how others are choosing to live and behave with their free will, but accepting the dark and light within us all is the only way forward. If we cut ourselves off from people who behave badly, we cut ourselves off from the love within us, making us feel even more separate, alone and afraid. We are all being called to respond differently to life, especially perceived threat. By doing this we not only reprogram our own nervous systems to feel more peace, but we program the collective into peace. It starts with catching ourselves reacting to fear, then we can change how we respond to it. Our Inner world controls the outer world, so it’s learning to live from the inside out rather than outside in. Practice coming back to a place of peace and stillness within you, do whatever it takes to stop reacting negatively to life by doing something that can bring you back to love and peace. Pat a pet, watch something funny on TV, hug a loved one, listen to beautiful music. Be present to the NOW and focus on something that gives you a level of calm, something of comfort instead of your mind going off into tangents of fear. If we practice switching our focus from fear back to love, then we won’t keep responding fearfully to life’s challenges. We are all being called to evolve by changing our frequencies from fear to love. You can change your reality and our collective future, just by changing your thoughts and feelings. When we get into the habit of not getting sucked into fear, we will see that everything we look at is a distorted truth, we will realise that we only ever see life through the lens of our own awareness, our own perceptions, which locks us further into the illusion of fear. Once we change our thoughts about something, we change the experience of it. If you are in to astrology you will know that the planets are doing some very complicated things in April which will be pushing our buttons even more over the Easter period (especially root chakra issues of survival). So throughout this month we can practice not reacting and responding in fear and instead keep visualising the paradise we want to create on earth, because by doing this, we will align ourselves with it. Visualise ALL of humanity living in compassion, respect, love, happiness and peace. We are oneness, heaven is already here on earth, we just haven’t aligned ourselves with it yet. Keep your vibe high, with inspiration, laughter, fun, love, joy. Master your vibration again and again and again. Doing this is so very powerful because the time is NOW to collectively create heaven on earth. Especially when we look at the world and believe things surely can’t get any worse. This is the perfect time to implement change. We CAN swing the pendulum from fear back to peace, (personally and globally) if enough of us practice it. That is how we have the power to transform the old systems of power and control, to crumble, to be dismantled, to fall away. WE have the power, so let’s do this!! Let us break this pattern of fear once and for all.

So to repeat the message that came through to me loud and clear this month: We must all STOP feeling fear!! Transmute, transform and BE the change we all crave. We’ve got this!

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