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The Miracle of YOU!

You are a miracle! Oh yes you are!! 🌟

You are the one in 100 million sperm cells that made it to fertilisation. Neuron signals in your brain travels over 350 km/h. Seven million of your red blood cells die and reform every second. Every four days you will grow a new stomach lining, to prevent it from digesting itself! Your skin regenerates every seven days. Every seven years your bones are fully rebuilt. Your blood is exactly the right temperature to keep all your organs functioning perfectly. Your body automatically regenerates itself without you even having to think about it. That's miraculous!! It's now spring or autumn depending on what side of the earth you live, that in itself is a miracle. We often take the intelligence of the natural world for granted, from the perfect timing of the unfurling rosebud, to the metabolic regulations of the hibernating bear, or how the kangaroo simultaneously produces two different types of milk for the different ages of its young. We are living on a planet that is hurtling through space at 492,126 miles per hour yet we don't even notice. The sun is in the exact position and at the exact temperature to create all life on earth. Life is a miracle, we are a miracle, every life form on earth is a miracle. As a living species we are constantly adapting and changing to enable us to live in perfect harmony, and perfect synergy and in perfect health. It’s only when we take ourselves out of the natural balance of things that we become unhealthy, that we become unhappy, that we become disconnected from our natural intelligence. To be in perfect balance with the natural rhythms of life, we actually don’t need to do anything, because we are already in the flow of it. We don’t have to think about digesting our food, we don’t need to think about breathing oxygen into our lungs, we don’t have to think about creating a natural immune system, our natural intelligence does all of this in-service of us. This also applies to our path and our purpose. Everything we ever need to fulfil our purpose is already within us. Our direction is already paved out before us, waiting for us to step towards. It’s only when we doubt or resist our path that we struggle and we fall off balance. When we trust ourselves, our purpose and our path, and know we are exactly where we need to be in order for us to reach our fullest potential, we will effortlessly blossom and flourish. The rose bud doesn’t stress about becoming a rose, the acorn doesn’t doubt that it will grow up to be an almighty oak tree. Our natural abilities are all there within us, whether it’s to attract the right mate, or to be at the right place at the right time to get that perfect job, or knowing exactly what we need for our body to become healthy. Unfortunately humanity has mostly disconnected itself from the natural rhythms of life and instead has bought into a collective story of fear. Because of this we have created mistrust, sickness and chaos. Our natural intelligence is doing its best to bring us all back to health and balance and if we trusted this wisdom moving through us, we’ll get back on track and brought back to harmony. And all this starts with YOU. It starts with you doing whatever you can to bring balance and harmony back to you. Do what feels RIGHT for you. Follow the natural rhythm inside of you, always move towards what you LOVE instead of running away from what you fear. Trust your natural abilities instead of trying to be like someone else. Dance to your own tune and not to someone else’s. And once you, your body and your life move back into balance, you will feel an inner peace and happiness, your health will improve, your relationships will improve, and like a ripple effect you will also create harmony and balance in your environment. And collectively if we all do this, the world will shift back into alignment and once again we will all live in harmony. Whatever your beliefs are around this mass upheaval the world has been going through; accept, love and trust that its all perfect. The planet knows what it's doing to bring us back into balance and we must trust the intelligence moving through us. We are going through a dismantling, a deconstruction, a death of old, just like we do in our winter. We all collectively need to do this so we can prepare for our spring where we resurrect, recreate, prepare for new life to emerge. We are a collective living species, we are not separate from all the wondrous creations on this earth, the universe, the multiverse. We are one with it, as one organism, so whatever we think, whatever we feel, whatever we do, affects the whole. My message to you this month is to remind you how miraculous you are. Never take your life for granted because you being here is HUGE FAT MIRACLE!! You are a vital part of this amazing world you're connected to. You are a vessel where natural intelligence moves through you. It's time to trust yourself and your power and realign yourself with the natural laws, which is creative, loving and harmonious. You know that your thoughts and feelings change and transform you, and you know that when you align yourself with the flow of life, the world aligns with you. You know that your divine intelligence steers you directly towards your dreams. You know this is your power, you know this is what you were born with, so embrace it, use it, and between us we can create a new earth that is more magnificent, more beautiful, more loving than it ever was before.

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