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Choose your day for the MindBody Wisdom Course in Agnes Water: Limited numbers

MindBody Wisdom

6 Week Course. Queensland



*Tuesday 30th July - 3rd Sept

5.30pm -7pm 

*Thursday 1st August - 5th Sept

11am - 12.30pm

This exciting new course will take you on a personal journey into your mind and body, which will change your life. 


You will learn about your MindBody Connection and what each part of the body represents mentally and emotionally. 


You will tap into your body wisdom to identify the root cause of your health issues and discover how to release limitations which hold you back in life.


This course is a combination of thought provoking teachings, practical somatic exercises, fun reprogramming techniques and powerful meditations, which are all designed to reconnect you with your true power and kick start your self-healing process. 



  • Learn about your Mind-Body Connection and what really makes you tick

  • Understand the root cause of your health issues

  • Tap into your inner wisdom to rewire deep rooted patterns

  • Unlock the healing power within your body

  • Get to know YOU again

  • Meet new life long friends

  • Have fun!

Sam Dexter - WA

"It's amazing how Jakkie tunes into people without them even talking. It's a talent I've never witnessed before".

Caroline Darke - UK

"The MindBody Wisdom course was one of the best things I've ever done!"

Denise Bedford - UK

“The course was excellent. At this time of my life it has been the answer to a brand new beginning.”
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