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Your Mind Can Heal You

Did you know that your thoughts and beliefs are so powerful that you can heal your body in an instant!

Isn’t that a bold claim?

The key boils down to your beliefs. If you believed that you could heal yourself, then you would. The placebo effect is proof of that. In David Hamilton’s book called, ‘How your mind can heal your body’, he talks of an experiment that was done with patients with Parkinson's disease.

The Placebo

They were given a placebo drug (a pretend pill made from sugar and water) but they were told they were given a remedy for Parkinson’s. As a result, all the patients were able to move better!

Brain scans of the patients proved that the area of the brain that controls movement was activated and dopamine was actually produced. The same research was carried out giving placebos for lots of different conditions and illnesses and the results were always the same. Sometimes as high as 72% success rate. It has been discovered that the longer the period of “treatment” and the larger the number of physician visits, the greater the placebo effect.

Your Beliefs

It has been proven again and again that when you believe something, the brain produces chemicals in the brain to heal exactly what you believe

should happen. These chemicals are produced because of your beliefs. This is mind over matter in its truest sense.

So if we believe our body is always 100% healthy and there was no such thing as disease or pain, our immune system would support us in that belief and would be so strong that we would never get sick, never need a doctor and never take a drug. After all, the indigenous people from our past knew exactly how to keep healthy, there was no such thing as heart attacks, lung disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, cancer, before the modern man appeared. The modern man no longer lives a simple life, our lives and environment have become way too stressful, fast, competitive, demanding and toxic.

Your Focus

Our focus is now more externally driven instead of internally focussed, and our negative thoughts and beliefs compromise our immune system. For proof, watch this YouTube this rice and water experiment, and you’ll see the evidence of how negative thoughts effect water so profoundly, and to bear in mind that humans are 80% water, so our negative thoughts have a profound effect our body chemistry.

So it’s important what thoughts you feed yourself and others. Your thoughts will reenforce past patterns and keep the unhealthy pattern repeating, or you can rewire the patterns to support health and happiness by consciously choosing to think new thoughts.

The Key

Is to know what your unconscious destructive belief patterns are that are creating the life you have and the pain you experience. Once the unconscious has been brought to the conscious, you then have the power to create a new pattern by choosing different beliefs and behaviours.

It can be that simple!

The power to health and happiness lies within you and it’s time to start living the life you deserve.

Are you ready to heal some beliefs from your subconscious? Work With Jakkie.

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