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Pain is Your Pathway Back Home

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We often experience pain because we have separated our body from our heart. Pain is our bodies way of calling us back to ourselves again, to bring us, our spirit, our heart, that missing part of us back home again.

Does this ring a little bell of truth within you, or do you feel agitated that I’m even suggesting such nonsense?

Bear with me and I'll explain more.

Have you ever noticed when your child, your pet, your partner, your boss, your friend, your social medial notifications will do anything and everything to get your attention when you’ve switched off and stopped listening to them?

Because you’re not paying them attention, they’ll kick up a fuss until you’re being attentive again. This is the same with your body. If you don’t listen to the whispers of your soul, or the cravings of your heart or the needs of your body, then they will shout a little louder to get your attention.

Your body might communicate this by having an accident, illness, depression, tiredness, bruises, itching, lethargy, aches, anger, numbness, weight gain, but the most effective way for your body to communicate to you is with PAIN.

Pain we can’t ignore.

Pain often indicates that something is amiss, something is lost and it wants to be found. Past trauma, big or small (it even passes down through cellular memory from our ancestors) will set up a defence mechanism within us, so we won’t have to experience trauma again. We subconsciously and cleverly shut down the memory, but when we do this, other parts of us are shut down with it. And at some point these missing parts will want to be found again.

At some point we will want to feel whole again.

Integration needs to happen between mind, body and soul. Most of us have been separated from one or all of these for so long. Emotional pain is the original pain of separation. We all as human beings have experienced separation, and the immense pain that it created has never left us. This pain if not integrated, nurtured, healed, will show up in our body and in our life, often as pain. Especially if you have detached or dissociated yourself from your body, your heart, your spirit or your true purpose.

You are missing you. ALL of you!

And once you call those missing parts of you back into your body, into your heart, and love yourself fully and deeply, that separation vanishes.

And your soul can come back home again.

Pain and ailments will miraculously disappear and your soul can finally come into full expression. You will transform into the happy, healthy, empowered person you were born to be.

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