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Finding the Root of Your Pain

The human body is an amazing self healing mechanism, our body knows exactly how to heal, but most of us have forgotten how to.

It’s so much easier to go to the doctor and get them to give us a drug which will probably fix the symptom, however the root cause of the issue will stay there until that route is pulled out.

Just the same as when you weed your back garden, if you haven’t pulled up all the route, whatever is left behind will grow back. We hear all too often of cancer patients who have had radiotherapy, chemotherapy, mastectomies etc which eradicates all of the disease, yet six months later it comes back. As distressing as this is, it shows that the root cause of the cancer (usually being a past emotional trauma) has not yet been healed.

In positive cases, the patient might release lots of emotional stress and upset during their illness and inadvertently releases the locked pain and trauma from the original root cause. They’re probably not even aware that this is what’s happened, that they have released the original trauma, but nevertheless, their cancer is unlikely to come back.

Is There a Solution?

This is where modern medicine doesn’t support us, because the root cause of the symptom, whether that be mental, emotional or spiritual, is very rarely addressed, which keeps us in a cycle of pain.

The following was taken from an article published in the Indian Times in the Health and Fitness section. It appears that the Indian culture are much more open to the theory of the MindBody Connection.

‘Do you believe that your mind and body are connected? Do you think that what your mind manifests, so does your body? For centuries and beyond, wellness experts have been arguing in the favour of an ethereal connection that binds our mental state with our physical reality...

Frequent pains: Punishment for guilt; blockage; feeling a victim. Rheumatism: Resentment; lack of love; chronic biDerness; feeling of revenge.

Ulcers: Anxiety; fear of not being good enough. Diabetes: Sense of sorrow; No sweetness in life. Gas pains: Gripping undigested ideas; Gulping air from fear. Headaches: Invalidating the self; emotional upsets; uncertainty. Migraine: Putting too much pressure on yourself; wanting to be perfect; suppressed anger. Sinus: Irritation with someone in your life; someone bearing down on you.

Itching: Unsatisfied desires; remorse; guilt. Overweight: Need for protection; insecurity; seeking love; fear of loss; stuffing feelings. Frequent pains: Punishment for guilt; blockage; belief in bondage.

Rheumatism: Resentment; lack of love; chronic bitterness; feeling of revenge.

Ulcers: Anxiety; fear of not being good enough. Constipation: Inability to let go; tendency to over-save. Arthritis: Constant pattern of criticism of self and others; need to be perfect.

Boils, cuts, fevers, sores, inflammations: Anger Cancer: deep resentment for a long time; disappointment; hopelessness.

Tumours: Running old grudges; staying hurt for long time’.

Once you are ready to explore the deeper issue of your pain, often when you have exhausted all other routes to heal it, that’s when your healing journey can truly begin.

Once you are ready to embark on discovering the root of your pain, then a perfect solution will always present itself. Either the right therapist will show up ‘as if by magic’, or you read an inspiring article on your facebook feed which guides you to a solution, or you’re recommended a self-help book by a friend. Your journey through life so far has been unique, therefore the method in which you heal will also be unique.

The wise part of yourself knows exactly what’s right for you, and so you will be magnetically drawn in a particular direction.

And because you are reading this, it’s a good indicator that I can help you to heal.

Work With Jakkie to begin today!

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