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Uncover the Truth of Your Pain

Did you know that pain is a way of getting your attention? When you are ready to be 100% honest about your pain, then the pain will stop pestering you. Pain is your body crying out for something, or someone to make it better again.

Of course I’m not dismissing your pain as being real, because your pain is VERY VERY real indeed!!

You probably have a diagnosed condition for your pain, so it’s proof it’s not ‘all in your head’, but the body has a very clever way to get your attention when a something is out of balance or has not properly healed in your life.

Your pain is showing you that an unresolved emotional pain is still lurking within your subconscious. You’re probably not even aware it’s there running your health patterns, all you’re aware of is that it’s happening to you AGAIN!!

Discover Your Pain Pattern.

I know in my own case, whenever I have a health issue, it’s because the little child within me, that never got the level of attention she craved as a child, is once again crying out to be heard. I hate to admit this and I hate having pain in my body, yet because I’ve had this pain pattern repeat in all my past relationships, I now know unconsciously it’s because I’m not getting the love and attention I crave as an adult.

When I was sick as a child, my mum was brilliant at nursing me back to health. I loved the attention I got. I never got that level of attention when I was an adult. So whenever I overwork, forget to give myself nurture, block out my partners love because I haven’t got ‘time’ to receive intimacy and care, my adult self creates sickness to bring it what it needs. It took decades for me to admit and accept this pattern, but when my body cries out in pain now, I look back over the past few months and see how I have been neglecting my needs.

This is my pain pattern, yours is probably very different.

What's Your Pattern?

Your pain may be because you have been neglecting yourself, or punishing yourself, or you don’t feel worthy of health/love, you haven’t properly grieved a loss, you feel unsupported, you are suppressing anger or rage, you crave love and attention, you’re fearful of your future, you’re avoiding confrontation, you can’t speak out and get your needs met, you have unfulfilled dreams buried within you.

The list is endless.

And if any of this resonates with you, it shows you that you are ready to take that leap into your subconscious and uncover the truth of your pain. You are ready to confront your shadow and your subconscious cravings.

You are ready to truly heal.

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