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Jakkie Talmage Events

Transformational Events for your Mind Body and Soul.

Jakkie Talmage is a Personal Growth Mentor, Teacher, Author and Healer.

Jakkie is passionate about helping people break free from limitations and subconscious programming to live a life they love. She specialises in the MindBody connection, helping people release physical and emotional pain in their bodies and mind.

Formally the Art Director of the UK’s leading complementary health magazine, 'Here’s Health', Jakkie was inspired to unplug from corporate life to pursue a more natural lifestyle. After a year of traveling the world, she emigrated to Australia.

In Australia, Jakkie studied many alternative health modalities and became a Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Healer. This also lead her on her own extensive healing journey.


She has since had over 2 decades of experience helping hundreds of people from all over the world turn their lives around through her workshops, seminars, courses, and consultations.

She is the author of the books, 'Your Mindbody Journey' and 'Pain into Power'.

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