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Your Unique Cycle of Life

Sometimes we plod along in life quite happily, then something happens to knock us sideways. This has certainly happened to me many times recently. First it was Covid, then the unsettling news of war in Ukraine, severe floods in Queensland where I live, and now I’ve just heard about the death of a good friend. My reality has shifted many times which has made me feel out of control, doubtful and questioning life again. When I experience loss, or hear of fatalities and destruction on the news, it triggers something deep inside that reminds me that there is no certainty in life, that we are all precariously balanced on an insignificant planet in a tiny galaxy, within a multiverse that no-one really understands, and in an instant our human life could cease to exist completely. Especially when there are power hungry leaders that would rather destroy the world than not get what they want. Yes a cheery thought I know! When I feel myself doubt humankind and the process of life, I look to nature where I always feel reassured. Nature has certain laws, and these laws are consistent, stable and keep everything operating in harmony. This time it has been the law of cycles that has helped me to see the bigger picture. The universal Law of Cycles is the spiral movement that occurs in the Wheel of Life, as consciousness experiences itself moving throughout timelines. We see cycles in our 24 hour clock, the moon phases, seasons and weather systems. The double helix in our DNA is a spiral. The Fibonacci sequence and Phi are related to the golden spiral of growth in nature. We see the Fibonacci numbers in plants, in the arrangement of leaves around the stem, in snails, shells and seeds.

Everything has a natural cycle. There is always a beginning and an end, death and birth. Cycles and spirals keep going in never ending rhythms of renewal, so in truth there are no endings and beginnings, just cycles of better versions of what there was before. Nature doesn’t resist this, nature knows that in order to have new life, death must happen. However as humans, we fearfully hold on so tightly to stability, security and certainty. We forget that we are never ending, ever unfolding, evolving and changing particles of life. Yet we cling, we resist, we force, so therefore we struggle. We have been birthing and dying forever, yet we still get upset when things start to decay and deteriorate. The aboriginal people know that they are not separate. They know that they are part of the whole. The land is their mother, the tree is their sister, the rock is their brother, they know we are all made out of the same substance, but in slightly different combinations of expressions. They know that all life forms never die, they just move from one form into another. So when we believe we are separate, our cells feel disconnected from the natural rhythm of life, and we then feel out of alignment. Nature is never seperate, it operates within a whole as a team. Death supports another life. The tree must die to enable the fungus to live. Fish, animals and humans all eat other life forms to enable them to live. We are all in this process of death and renewal together. Flowers die each year and bloom again the next spring. So do we. Some part of us has to die to enable the new to emerge. This is transformation. When we see the glory and beauty of the never ending cycle of transformation within death and rebirth, and surrender to this natural process of life, we won’t see sadness in death, we will rejoice it, because we know that new birth is on its way. Once we get that our bones, our breath, our feelings, our thoughts, our spirit are all parts of the same substance that creates the endless cycle of death and rebirth, and that we never cease to be, we just transform into new, we won’t cling to life so desperately. So my message to you this month is to surrender to your natural cycle of life. No matter how chaotic and scary life appears to be right now, especially when we see death and destruction everywhere we look, trust this is all part of the plan. Once we accept that we are all part of the natural rhythm of death and rebirth, whether that be a physical death, or the death of a habit, a belief, a lifestyle, an emotion, a relationship etc, we can live in our natural flow without resistance, without judgement, without fear and without sadness. We will then experience life as if we were a newborn, where life is joyous, exciting, rich and inspiring.

You are a vital spark in the ever-evolving, incredible cycle of life.

You are the rock, you are the bee, you are the bird, you are the tree.

You are the light, you are the dark, you are the original spark.

You are the stars in the sky, you are from the past gone by.

You are a blink of an eye, you are the eternal ‘I’.

You are wise, you are lies, you are a master of disguise.

You are a lover and a hater. You are a destroyer and a creator.

You are a being of significance, a spirit of magnificence.

So embrace who you are, because you are a super-star!

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